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Human Studies

Mechatron offers a range of human studies and clinical trials through its subsidiary, The Institute for Human Factors Engineering (IHFE).


IHFE provides an axon from human performance to the mechanical or measured world. Through research & development, novel software and hardware implementations, and clinical trials we look forward to enhancing mechanical analysis and performance.


The clinical research works in concert with university biomechanical and biodynamics centers conducting clinical trials on the biomechanics and biodynamics of human locomotion.  Human locomotion is stated to be under evolved and less than fully evolved and hence incomplete and not fully optimized.

Our research efforts explore the dynamic efficiency of human locomotion and changes that are measurable, and influenced with interventions.


Images shown reflect dynamic changes in locomotion economy that are influenced by tuned interventions shown to elevate locomotion economy over a 6 week period.

Examples of research and development projects.

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