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Mechatron Inc., and its group of companies, provide research, development, simulation, testing, and clinical trials of mechanical systems and human interaction.  Our projects include product development, as well as human factors and clinical research.

Research, Product Development, Simulation, and Testing of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Systems

Treadmill optimization

Mechatron's subsidiary, The Institute for Human Factors Engineering, in conjunction with the Department of Biomechanics at Miami University, has studied the response of the human subject on a treadmill, and optimized the control and power transmission matrix to enhance the human condition, thereby allowing the treadmill to become an accurate representation of actual road conditions.

This resulted in a complete redesign of the treadmill, whereby the electric drive system was customized and integrated into the rolls of the treadmill.  This allowed a much higher response and stiffer power transmission matrix. The stiffer matrix provided a faster response to changing conditions measured from the operator desire to change speed.

Treadmill optimization

Mechatron is also involved in optimizing mechanical performance through its software applications subsidiary, Equalis, We recently developed a remote Predictive Motor Maintenance solution for tracking possible motor performance issues so that any maintenance or repairs could be foreseen and proactively scheduled so that catastrophic failure or unplanned downtime can be avoided.

Treadmill optimization

We provide complete manufacturing and prototyping services, and offer one-off or initial product prototype designs.

Mechatron also provides turnkey installation of laboratories for industry, academia, and research utilizing machines and components previously developed.

Our experience ranges from rotating machine development to flow chambers to HVAC systems.

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