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Mechatron.com is a technical consortium providing research, development, testing and control.

Jeff Waters Consulting provides technical consulting for rotating electrical machines and control

The Center for Human Factors Engineering is a research focused academic group providing biomechanic research.



1Turn Key Systems, Product Development & Prototypes

Jeff Waters Consulting

2Mechanical Analysis, Design, Testing, Control

Clinical Research

3Controlled human subject studies for the measurement and improvement of condition


4Biomechanic device development & prototyping



Our core competencies include:


1. mechanical engineering of rotating machines including rotor dynamics

2. control of rotating machines in terms of torque, speed, power, current, voltage

3. magnet machines

4. biodynamic and biomechanic clinical research in human locomotion

5. human factors research and development with treadmill dynamics

6. Modeling and simulation utilizing fea, jtft, and neural networks for optimization

7. Software development for control, data collection & analysis, and display